I write in all stripes and shapes. Sometimes it's micro or long-form fiction, and sometimes creative non-fiction, personal essay or memoir. Almost never a poem, but sometimes, to my surprise, that too. Other times a story feels right as a play or street art, even mixed media. The beauty and mystery of creating something is its own evolving.

Recent Publications

Nonfiction Essay: "It's the Land That Wants You," in print issue of Zone 3, Fall 2015.

Micro-fiction: "That Girl" in 100 Word Story, September 2015- click here to read.

Micro-fiction: "Everything" in 5x5 literary magazine, Summer 2014- click below to read.

Narrative Mention

Great review on 100 Word Story and generous mention of my piece, That Girl- Find it at the review review by Joanne Spencer, Fall 2015-click here to read.

Performance Art

Uncut interview of The Understory genesis and solo work, CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey, 2015- click here to read.