My Story

A friend once asked me, confused, "where is your home?" I told him home is where I am, but now after having many homes and traveling many countries I believe it is everywhere my heart resides, in all that feeds my imagination. I'm inspired by the deep cut of red oak bark, by how people laugh, by chartreuse in my cocktail, by fresh Cherokee purple tomatoes from my garden and hawks and pretty clothing, and right now, the teal I just painted my studio wall. I'm inspired by change and unexpected experiences, by watching people and places, and by the process of creating something. So, home is where my heart resides. And I am right there in it. 

Now for the other things. I've traveled all over the world, much of it solo, and have a graduate degree in Women's Studies. I'm an environmental consultant, small business owner of a natural health practice, creator of the Portland arts collective, The Understory, and a writer and performance artist. I've been a student in the Tin House Writer's Workshop, Wet Mountain Valley Writer's Workshop, and in several workshops at Portland's The Attic. Past columnist of personal essays for the Northwest Women's Journal, I have published micro-fiction in 5x5 literary magazine and 100 word story, and a nonfiction lyrical essay in Zone 3. My performance art is featured online in CO LAB: A Collaborative Design Survey ( I currently live in Portland, Oregon and feel very, very lucky for it all.